About Us


Welcome!  My name is Ann Shepard.  I’m a single mother who loves to cook.  I actually started this business to teach children how to cook.  It’s been an adventure from kids classes to teaching life skills to team building to demonstration classes and now catering.

I grew up in Waterloo, Iowa.   My family were lower middle class and grew most of the food we ate.  My mom was a great baker and made a career baking wedding cakes.  I learned how to cook at a young age and was responsible to help with meal preparation and canning and baking.  I started in the restaurant business at 16 but didn’t make it a career.  Life comes full circle and I am back to cooking again.

I still go back to my roots when it comes to cooking.  I am NOT a chef!  I am not a trained chef.  I’m a home cook with a passion for cooking.  My meals are not plated masterpieces or works of art.  They are homemade using fresh ingredients, just like mom used to make.  I love people and I love teaching people how to cook with lots of laughs and a great meal at the end.